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25 December Christmas Calibration 11am to 1pm
25 March 2016 good friday meeting 10:30 to 1pm
27 March 2016 Easter meeting 10:30 to 1pm

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Church of Lord is a Public Charitable Trust & NGO in India. He saw that the widow’s were without their traditional support system, that they were hungry, that they had hungry and malnourished children, and they were without skills or the means to work, such as owning a sewing machine and knowing how to use it. All there aspects of the needy persons directly struck on the heart of that person because he is a very kind heated and positive thinking, high ethic values. He wants to do something for that needy person his mission is to contribute towards minimizing human suffering in the fields of health , poverty, domestic violence. He alone started an awareness programmers, treatment and referrals and counseling to facilitate generation of option for crisis resolution. He also deals with issues of human rights violations though advocacy and free legal aid for many years. He did work in this field alone for many years for the betterment of the poor and doing all these social works and helping the poor this super personality left this world forever having so many dreams in his eyes for the welfare of the needy people which are not fulfilled. This society works for all over development of human being and aware them to about their fundamental rights which are necessary for every human being to live a simple and smooth life.

Church of Lord is a non government organization (NGO) working directly with needy people of Punjab particularly widows ,poor persons ,all over development of urban and rural areas particularly in slum areas ,the peoples who are on the streets begging ,and those who have fallen through the cracks.” Of the the survey nets of the big NGO”s Its big goal are to find work and /or develop skills so that these people can partly or wholly support themselves and their families it works in a direct personal way to locate needy to help them .for every child a home and educate for every adult the dignity of self reliance and desires to give back to society .

To regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged we want to provide the best means for solving local levels disputes, which in turn saves undue wastage of time and human energy and also promotes and conserves the bonds of unity and goodwill among-st the people.